magic eggs

She ran through the meadow and a cloud of dandelion blew in the wind. She looked at them in delight, twirled in them in the sunlight. Little pieces of dandelion caught in her hair as she marched down to town to sell some eggs from the farm.

Jenny was peculiar in the eyes of the towns people. She was a spritely little thing who had a great big imaginative mind. Innocent like a child and hopeful like a caterpillar about to sprout wings. She lived alone with her flock of hens and yet she was never lonely nor bored nor lacked the time to sing a song or ten.

“eggs, fresh eggs for sale!”

She had more than a dozen today and all were in a wonderful shade of warm sand. All the houses’ maids and matrons were in the market, busy as they frolicked and gossiped along their merry way and marched in time to an imaginary band.

Old maidens were aplenty and all had their eye on Jenny with her youth wrapped tightly around her slender figure, porcelain skin and wild silky hair thy shone so brightly.

“She lives with a bunch of chickens and sells eggs for a living and yet you cant see it taking its toll in her. She’s either mad or a witch.”

They gossiped about her for as long as Jenny can remember but she didnt mind at all for she was perfectly fine with how life has treated her and kept her mind free to roam even if her feet was all the way down there on the ground.

“So what’s so special with these eggs, Jenny?’ One of them asked with a smirk on her face.

“Well..” Jenny thought for a while and thought it would be fun to amuse the little old ladies for once. “They grant you a wish if you’d care to whisper one to them,” she said.

They all laughed like hyenas that smelled blood in the air. “Well, you heard her ladies. Get your eggs and wish yourself free of this misery,” the oldest one said to her pack.

Each one took an egg, paid for it, and whispered a wish. Jenny watched with great interest. She knew that they were having a good time if only for one brief moment before discontent called them mine.

“Now all you have to do is hold that wish in your head and see it come true in the coming days and month ahead,” Jenny said.

She sold all her eggs to the ladies who were clearly entertained with her story regardless how fiercely they’d deny it.

Jenny marched home from the market and as she did a sudden breeze blew and the dandelions stuck to her hair, untangled itself and flew.

The week passed by and Jenny collected just enough eggs to sell to market.

On her way down the old ladies were all fretted. “It came true! It came true!” They proclaimed in the market. “Jenny’s eggs can grant wishes and i want more and the freshest.” they said

A few days again passed and everyone wondered what the hell was up with Jenny’s egg wishes. The town folk wanted more and they started talking about witches.

One day Jenny went to market and never came back. The folks thought she was special and hacked her to pieces, placed her in jars and placed her on top of furnaces, hoping and praying that the piece of Jenny they got would grant them three wishes.

At the farm the wind blew bringing with it dandelion. Wishing feathers were what Jenny called them. And as for Jenny, her name and story passed on to the town’s new folk and so did the jars that kept her secrets.

in response to the Daily Post prompt


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