A long time ago there lived a little prince, born to a wise king and a queen who kept a secret. They lived at a time of peace, ruling a kingdom in the cradle of the great valley, from a castle that lay on the valley’s highest peak, white as snow and mounted with turrets that reached towards the sun.

The townspeople loved the royals for they were just and ruled with kindness, and the little prince, surrounded with the love of a kingdom, grew strong, compassionate and open minded as much as he was open hearted.

Over the years the prince developed a passion for hunting. Days at a time, together with his men, they would venture further and further into the woods to find game, always coming back armed for a feast.

One day he went out on his own, aimlessly riding his horse through the woods, deep in thought about his upcoming birthday and the burden that it comes with. He was passing through a path he has never seen before when he heard the most beautiful voice. It led him to a clearing. There he saw a creature he thought was both beautiful and magical. She was no taller than he was but slender with skin that slightly shimmered in the sun. Her face reflects both innocence and knowing. On her head she had a pair of antlers more majestic than any crown.

He watched her through the thicket and was careful not to make a sound until she left the clearing and disappeared into the forest..

Everyday since, the prince would come to search for her and watch her from a distance, each time convincing him that she was real.

One day he had courage enough to step out into the clearing, revealing himself to her. “If not today then when? you can do this, Richard. You’re a prince for god’s sake! Ok lets go,” He thought to himself before he stood from hiding and crossed through the thick foliage. He expected her to either run or endanger him for surely any wild animal would do the same. But she didn’t.

She looked at him unmoving for a moment that seemed to have lasted forever. Then she came closer. She looked at him with eyes that he felt could see through his soul. She reached out to touch his face. “Hi. I’m not sure if you’ll understand me but …” He was rambling until she called him by his name. “Prince Richard.” She said. “How do you know my name? Who are you? What are you?” He asked

“Everyone knows you and your family, both the people of the town and the folk of the forest. My mother has told me all about you and that our kind and yours share a bond.”

“Oh” was all he could reply with. All that schooling and he cant find something intelligent enough to say in front of a pretty forest creature.

“But that doesnt stop me from eating your liver.” She said

He turned pale.

“kidding.” She said.

“What’s your name?” He asked

“You may call me Greta.”

The prince and Greta became good friends. Everyday after his studies, the prince would ride to the forest where they would meet. Greta would show him the secrets of the valley and he, in turn, would read her books on literature, art and history.

Over the years, they have grown fond of each other, and friendship developed to love.

One day, after spending time with Greta, his father sat him down to discuss his approaching 21st birthday, which is the day he must choose a bride and carry a few of the responsibilities of the heir to the throne. His father and mother had arranged for the attendance of all the princesses in the neighboring kingdoms.

Before his father could finish, the prince stood up and left. He didnt want to marry. He didnt want to be with anyone but Greta but he knew it was impossible, for a marriage between man and faerie was unheard of.

His mother caught him brooding in the library and approached him with concern in her eyes. “Talk to me.” She said. “What is it that troubles you and burdens you so?”

“I’ve met someone, mother. I’ve met her a long time ago and I love her. But you and father will never approve mor understand.” He said

Her mother sat closer to him, laid her head on his shoulder and sang a song from his childhood. Her voice so beautiful and comforting… and familiar. It was then he realized why he loved Greta’s voice so much, for she sang in the same beautiful way as his mother did. He pulled back and looked at his mother’s face. “Mother, do you believe in the faerie folk?” He asked.

His mother pulled him up. “i want to show you something.” She said. They went through the hall and into his parents chambers. He hasn’t been here since he was a young boy. Stained glass surrounded the room and on it were images of his father young and strong, and, at his side, a beautiful faerie with golden gossamer wings.

“I do believe you have followed your father’s footsteps more closely than we had imagined.” His mother said to him. He looked at her in awe, as she released her golden wings. “I’ve known all this time about you and Greta.” She said.

The prince couldn’t believe what was in front of him and it was then that his father entered the room. His father stood beside his faerie queen. Behind them the image of a younger king and faerie in love etched on the stained glass window. “We both did.” His father said. “We just wanted to be sure before we give you our blessing.”

The rest, as they say, was history, which turned to legend, which now is nothing more but myth.

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