tooth fairy

Once upon a time there lived a boy who purchased dust from a fairy for the price of one tooth.

The boy has never again been seen

And the fairy dust…

The dust still hungers for a child’s dream.

“Timmy! Timmy! Can you please come in here and finish your cereal! I swear that boy will be the death of me.”

Timmy was as challenging as any other 6 year olds – short attention span, fiercely inquisitive, curious as all the cats in the neighborhood combined, and barely takes time to bring his head down from the clouds. He was of all things a day dreamer. That’s what everyone says. He would spend time out in the backyard, testing his mothers patience as he explores just a tad bit further away from the end of the lot towards the forest’s edge every single day.

In his room, under the bed, he kept a shoebox with a fading print of The Transformers. He called it his magic box. In it he kept all sorts of knick knack, which to him was nothing less than treasure. His hoard mostly consisted of small things he’s found during his exploration – a soda pop bottle cap, a shoe string, a rusty hair pin, marbles of all colors and sizes, these among other things.

“Timmy! You better come here right now before i come and get you!”

Timmy heard his mom all the way back in the house. He was wearing his explorer’s goggles and was hopping around the roots of a very old and very big tree. He knew his time is up so he picked up his plastic soldiers who’ve been standing guard along the trail and put them in his back pack together with his goggles. He was buttoning his pack when he spotted something sparkling at the corner of his eye.

The sun was shining and something was reflecting the light from between the tree’s roots. His mother was yelling again.

He picked up his bag and decided to just explore the sparkles another time.

The rest of the day was uneventful and Timmy cant help but wonder about the treasure he wasnt able to collect.

After school, he found his mom packing their bags. “Timmy we have to go stay with grandma for a lil while. she’s a bit sick.” Timmy did not like grandma. She was very old and wrinkled and her hair was long and grey, but he didnt have a say in the matter. As they drove away Timmy hung his head out the window to maybe catch a glimpse of the sparkles.

Grandma did look a little sick, but the doctor said it wasnt anything more than a regular cold. That night they stayed by the fire to listen to some of grandma’s tales. She says theyre all real but one can never be sure – mermaids and elves and all. Are there really such things? Timmy told grandma about the sparkles, thinking she might find it interesting. Grandma looked at him and did not say anything except to be very careful with things that sparkle in the woods.

After a couple of days, Timmy’s mom pulls up the driveway. “Timmy can you help bring in some of these things please. I’ll be preparing for lunch so you be a good boy and come to the kitchen when i call ok?”

Timmy nodded and carried his backpack up to his room. He knelt on the floor beside his bed and reached under it looking for his magic box. It wasnt there.

“Mom have you seen my Transformers box?”

“No, baby. Maybe nana cleaned up and put it somewhere.”


He went downstairs to the kitchen where his mother was busy cooking. “Can you help me find it?” he begged. “Not now. I’m cooking.”

He left the kitchen and went out back. He was kicking some overgrown shrubs when he noticed something. He looked across the forest’s edge and caught a sparkle. He looked back at the kitchen. His mom was still busy and now she’s on the phone as well. Timmy decided a quick visit will not be noticed.

A few minutes in the trail and he reached the old tree again. He scrambled on its roots looking for what was catching the light. A marble like he has never seen before. He fished it out and wiped it on his pants. it was so sparkly. He was so busy inspecting the marble, he didnt realize a pair of hooves were beside him.

He looked up and squinted as the sun shined on his face. He stood up and stumbled against the tree. It was a horse? It had a body of a white horse, slender and smooth, but it had a face too. Its hair was white as snow, flowing in the summer breeze. On its head there rested a crown of bones and twigs all gleaming white. Big cool gray looked at Timmy. It eyed the gem in his hands.

Timmy realized it must’ve belonged to it. He reached out to hand the gem to the creature.

“I have been looking for that. What would you have in return?”

Timmy didnt say anything.

The creature handed him a flower, but when it reached down to give it to him, Timmy noticed a small bag tied to its wrist.

“What’s in there?” he asked

“Fairy Dust” it said

“Can i have some of it instead?”

The creature looked at him. “For it, i charge a small insignificant thing.

“What about one of my toys?” Timmy asked.

“No. Smaller. You wont even miss it – a tooth.”

Before Timmy realized it, one of his teeth flew out of his mouth and into the creature’s open palm. It didn’t hurt but it surprised him. He moves his tongue over his gums and tasted blood.

The creature then transferred a small amount of dust into a small pouch and gave it to him.

“Timmy! Lunch!”

Timmy looked back at the house and when he looked back, the creature was gone.

He took the bag and ran home.

That night, he put the bag under his pillow for safekeeping and slept.

He dreamt of the creature in a place unfamiliar. There were flowers of all kinds. He can hear a waterfall nearby, and the birds were speaking. Small elfin creatures ruffled his hair and soon he was playing tag with them. They showed him things and taught him all about the forest. They were speaking in a strange language but he understood them. They ran up and around the trails and watched things swimming in the waterfalls.

He wanted more. He wanted it not to end.

In front of Timmy’s house, police cars were parked. Timmy’s mother was inconsolable. “I checked on him last night. He was in bed. I don’t know, where or how or why… he was home. I checked. I did.”

The next few days, poster of the missing Timmy was in every corner.

The next few years, they were still there, fading from the sun and rain.

Timmy’s mom moved out of town years ago.

After a while, new tenants came to occupy the house. A child named Sarah chose Timmy’s old room for her own.

Under the pillow, the bag of dust lay waiting to be found

My doll “Allan”

This post is a response to the Daily Post Prompt


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