the great unknown

I raised my spyglass to my eye and hung dangerously at the edge of my box.

“We’re approaching land!”

Chief mate, Peter, was slouched in a corner seemingly unenthusiastic with the approach to shore. But i don’t take that against him. He did after all come with me in this expedition to the great unknown, not to mention he’s a stuffed cat.

I took another colored paper from my pocket and folded it into an ore. I held it tight and started paddling onward towards the beach.

I jumped out with a splash to pull my box towards the sandy shore. Around my feet, colorful fish sparkled, each printed with an alphabet. “I think they’re trying to tell me something, Peter”. They swam around my feet and formed a line, careful to stay still enough for me to figure it out. T-A-R-T-S. “Tarts! i love tarts!” I fished one of the sparkly fish. “Hmmmm! what kind of tart are you?” I looked at the fish more closely. His eyes big and yellow staring at me. I was just about to come in for a fishie kiss just so i can tell if he was a pineapple tart, as i suspected, when i felt a tingle on my feet. The rest of his fish friends were nibbling me. “Aaack!” I dropped the pineapple tart as i tried to shoo the others away from me. The fish moved away but didn’t leave. They swam around my box and formed a line again. I looked at them as they held their place. S-T-A-R-T. “Oh Start! Start what?” The fish immediately swam away as if i just imagined them. I looked at Peter and he looked back as if too say “dont know, dont care”. “Welll, ok then.” I continued to park my box and shielded my eyes from the glaring sun to see if anyone else was on the beach. Nope.

I pulled out another piece of paper from my pocket and started folding it into a hat, which i pulled over my head. I shoved my hand in my pocket and pulled out my compass. The needle pointed north for a second and spun wildly stopping at west. “Odd.” I shook it thinking it might have taken water. The needle spun again and stopped east. I looked at Peter. He looked back. “Oh well i guess we’ll have to make do with the fact that we’re lost”.

At that moment my watch started faintly beeping. 3pm it read. “Perfect! Tea Time!”

I pulled out a blanket from the box and some of grandma’s tea cups. i found a piece of hollow bark and dragged it over to serve as our table.

i found more paper in my pocket which will be perfect as lil croissants.

I was just about to take a bite when i heard footsteps.

I closed my flashlight and peeked outside my covers. I looked at Peter. He told me not to move. The bedroom door was closed but i can see feet under the door, making the light dance as someone paced behind it.

The door creaked open and i pretended to sleep. My mom sat at the edge of my bed and as she did one of grandma’s teacups fell to the floor and broke.


I bolted up and pointed at Peter. “It was his fault!”

She looked at Peter.

Then looked at me in disbelief. “What will i ever do with you?”

She rummaged through the pockets of her pants and pulled out a piece of paper. She folded it into a teacup and looked at me. “All better!” She also brought me real croissants.

She took Peter and propped him against a pillow and asked “So what did you discover this time?” as she asked the question, we were at the beach once more.

While all this is fictitious (aside from Peter who is absolutely real),

my mom was one to welcome my imaginative ideas, useful or otherwise.

She left a window open for me to keep exploring. And even after she left to explore the great unknown for herself, this window will always keep me close to her.

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt


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